Producers are a funny breed.

We love narratives, but excel in operations. We crave order, so we hunt for chaos. We have huge aspirations, yet we set constraints.

I am no different. Growing up steeped in story — from books at bedtime to Grandpa’s tales of decades past at the dinner table — they have been one of my greatest teachers. Yet I didn’t set out to tell stories myself, my passion is allowing others to explain the world from their point of view. And so, I produce.

My work has taken me across 15 countries to produce more than 50 video and photo shoots telling stories about people, products or processes someone cares about. It also includes the producing of Bokeh, a feature length sci-fi drama filmed in Iceland that saw a theatrical run and digital distribution buy from Netflix.

I care deeply about people, hiring crews that leave set wanting to work together again. I seek synergy, finding solutions within creative constraints while protecting the narrative. And I clear the logistical clutter so that the best story can be told.

Off the clock you can find me on a dance floor, sitting in the sun, sinking into community, consuming stories or trying to stay relevant to my 11 nieces and nephews.

I live in Brooklyn, New York and am always looking to meet creative collaborators ready to leave this place better than we found it.

CLIENTS: Google / Nike / IDEO / Stanford University / Grubhub / Airbus / Chubbies / Rothys / Athletics Canada / FoST / Bould Design / eero / Huntsman / Onewheel / Syndio / Roominate / Pride Study / Triple Aught Design / Kitava …

brienelermitte @ gmail . com